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    Afnan komt op bezoek, wil weg uit Syrisch vluchtelingenkamp, wie helpt mij

    4 jaar in kamp nu. 40 jaar, 2 kinderen

    • Ver van huis.. App-contact… Afina (vrouw, 40; farmaceut in dienst geweest bij Syrische regering; man vermoord naar haar zeggen) met 2 kinderen, sinds 4 jaar in (afgrijselijk) in 1 tent in vluchtelingenkamp in Syrië, vlakbij de Turkse grens wil graag naar Nederland, wonen en werken… halen a 750,- p.p. … Helpen?


        To whom it may concern.

        My name is Radic Dorge, I am in control of the SAB Rescue Team which has been collaboration with the Syria secret rescue mission. We have missions spread around the world as we take responsibility to assist people in the countries under crisis. Right now, we operate in Syria through Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey.

        This mission has been approved in collaboration with the United Nations.

        On this rescue mission, bear in mind that this is a secret mission and must not be diclosed due to the condition of the country and the safety of the individuals we are to rescue.

        We received a message from Afina Adnan of Qah camp in Idlib Syria. She stated that you Durk Swart of The Netherlands will assist her and her Children out from Syria to your country Netherland.

        It is expected of you to guaranty the safety of these individuals you intend to rescue because presently we understand people get Syrians out for other purposes. We ask that you confirm your identity;

        State your relationship with the victim(Afina Adnan) you intend to rescue from Syria.

        A clear copy of your international passport or any valid identification.

        We operate with 6 passenger private aircraft. You also have to know that for some security reasons we do not disclose the location where we Land, but they will be brought out to Turkey first, then procure the legal documents for their entry to your country.

        We wait for your response with the required details then I will provide you with the charged fees required for the mission.

        Your urgent reply is being awaited.

        Yours in service.
        Radic Dorge.